where to start chess programming?

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where to start chess programming?

Post by vittyvirus » Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:33 am

my name is fahad. m 13 n i love to program and play chess. i wanna program a chess engine. i want to program the best. there's no alternative to that. i want to program the world computer chess championthe engine. i hv been programming for 3 years n i've developed the free software windows tricker (http://silican.site90.com). i hv also some expierence in c++, and m gonna make my chess engine in tht. i first landed on chessprogramming wiki, but soon got that it was supposed to be a reference. i continued to hunt fo c++ chess prog tutorials and got on write a chess egine in 99 steps. but i guess i can get better places to start , as the engine wingletx is pretty weak. as i see many big bros like hounorable dr hyatt, here are my two questions to all chess programmers
1. where exactly, and i mean exactly, should i start? i am already reading c++ primer if u think i should master cpp first.
2. there are hundreds of chess programs, but why are some programs, eg stockfish n crafty etc much more advanced than others? what acually goes into making a 3000+ rated engine???

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