World Engs KO Champs 2019 edition (w64)

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World Engs KO Champs 2019 edition (w64)

Post by supersharp77 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:36 pm

Have been spending quite a bit of time transferring chess engines and updating my testing GUi's (Lokasoft Chessbase & Shredder) and playing around with Leela0 (LC0) so pretty soon it will be time to get around to some serious KO Testing.
Based on the number of engines found and transferred so far KO tourney 2019-2020 will be either 256 or 512 engines...
Will need to do some preliminary testing to come up with ratings for some of the lessor known engines...tourney will be mostly w64 with a few w32 holdouts and old favorites....Lets just see what happens...As experience has shown..once these tourneys start up....strange things (unusual results) begin to occur...Lets just sit back and watch the carnage...Estimated start date Late May-June or July 2019... Thanks AR :D :wink:

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