opposite castling armageddon

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Re: opposite castling armageddon

Post by pohl4711 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:28 am

lkaufman wrote:
Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:19 pm

Your results with no a7 are about what I expected. I consider a 60 to 40% score for White to be way too lopsided for use as Armageddon. I think if you like the pawnplus armageddon idea, you will find that removing b2,c2,d2, or e2 (with White obviously getting the draw odds) will give results much closer to 50-50%. Also it gives 4x as much variety. Although the edge pawn is clearly worth less than these other pawns, having the first move is more important.
What was the White win percentage with my no-kingside-castling-for-Black rule?
I developed a new test-setting/environment using cutechess, which runs with with faster timecontrols. And I am doing some testruns right now. With your no-kingside-castling pgn, too. In some days, I will have 6 testruns (1000 games each) finished (including a testrun with the HERT-openings-set as reference-point). Then I will report all statistics (with and without Armageddon-rescoring), including whitescores. Then we will see, which Armageddon-idea is best. Yours, or mine (no a7-pawn), or my second idea (white can castle in both direction and black is not allowed to castle anyway).

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