Stockfish EasyPlay Compile?

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Stockfish EasyPlay Compile?

Post by supersharp77 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:30 pm

"Here is a very interesting version of stockfish I found on fishcooking chess. It has no compiles and needs one , I am posting the sourcecode ... Here is the description ,,, Would this be a fun idea? Good for playing against normal humans, providing a good challenge, yet not simply crushing us. Normally, an engine evals/prunes/searches to find the move that most improves the overall eval, aka the 'best' move.
Instead, after the usual search, etc, pick the weakest of all the moves that improve the eval.
In this way, SF would still pretty much always beat me, but not so crushingly. A branch named easyPlay
I've coded this up. Basically, enable MultiPV by default, and afterwards pick the worst possible move that still improves the score compared to the previous move. I don't think this reduces strength by more than a few hundred Elo.... so still tough to win, I guess ... source code ... Can someone please compile for Windows and share with the forum ? thanks 'Bonesman' "

Thank You..AR :) :wink:

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