Arena 1.1 linux and tournament

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Arena 1.1 linux and tournament

Post by Canoike » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:24 pm


I got a question concerning Arena 1.1 build 121 for Linux. I set a tournament with 2 engines and an EPD file. The EPD file has 12 positions. Each engine must play with white and black so there is a total of 24 games.

In the tournament settings, I enter 24 rounds, round robin. In the option, I enter "load from EPD sequentially", , "repeat start position with switched colors". Here is the problem :

game 1, position 1, engine A plays with white

game 2, position 1, engine A plays with black, fine until now.

game 3, position 1, engine A plays with white

game 4, position 1, engine A plays with black etc...

Problem, the next position is never played. I tried 12 rounds, same problem. 2 rounds, it plays only the first 2 games from position 1. I also tried to uncheck "repeat start position with switched colors" and 24 rounds, the next positions are played but this not what I need because the engines will play twice the same position with the same color.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in the linux version ?

Thank you.

Best Regards.

PS : Martin Blume email is not valid.

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