Crystal is surprisingly strong

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Crystal is surprisingly strong

Post by Jouni » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:42 pm

That engine is not intended for playing. But of course I was curious! In blitz games Houdini or Komodo don't have chance at all. So match against SF 10.

Games Completed = 110 (Avg game length = 184.595 sec)
Settings = Gauntlet/64MB/60000ms+600ms/M 450cp for 4 moves, D 100 moves
Time = 5219 sec elapsed

1. Crystal 270819 64 BMI2 49.5/110 5-16-89 (L: m=0 t=0 i=0 a=16) (D: r=52 i=9 f=5 s=0 a=23) (tpm=1418.6 d=19.47 nps=1691745)
2. Stockfish 10 64 BMI2 60.5/110 16-5-89 (L: m=0 t=0 i=0 a=5) (D: r=52 i=9 f=5 s=0 a=23) (tpm=1352.1 d=25.78 nps=2123964)

Only slightly below SF10 with 6 plies less depth :o .

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