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Re: CBH file format

Post by overtond »

You don't need too if all you are trying to do is open a record stored in a .CBH format from another application, lets say, ShredderClassic. All you need to do is once you have created/saved your .CBH file then create a .CBF file {New DB then Save As .CBF} and once done just drag and drop the .CBH file on to the .CBF file and copy all records across. From this point forward you will be able to open all the records stored in the .CBF file from your GUI application of choice - in my case ShredderClassic! :o)
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Re: CBH file format

Post by M ANSARI »

I think Aquarium figured out a way to read and use .ctg files, so .cbh files should be no different. Nothing wrong with doing that as this is simply making your software inter operable with that format. What I do know about .cbh files is that when you do open it, it makes a mess of new files all over the place. I think the .cbv file format is also interesting as it seems to compress the .cbh file, which would be very useful on mobile devices.