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Re: Anti-ChessBase Trolls - thanks for the free advertising!

Post by lonola » Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:15 pm

Bill Rogers wrote:You are juat a jealous peon because the developers of Fritz give and release their program to the Arena people as well as information about future plans. Get over it.
And for your information and I hope your brain is large enough to handle it the difference between Arena and Chessbase is that Arena is FREE.
You must be kidding right? I'm "jealous" because the Arena people are spreading falsehoods and misinformation right? The Arena people are claiming non-existent bugs in un-released software which is pulling wool over the public's eyes.

The developers of Fritz have no relationship with the Arena people, inasmuch as giving them software to "test for bugs". Arena looks like something from the 1930s, so there is no way they can be asked to "test for bugs". This would be like a hoodlum driving around in a posh car claiming he has been told by the owner to test-drive the car.

Bill Rogers, why don't you ask yourself this? Why don't the Arena people make something with the functionality of Fritz 5 and stop worrying about Fritz 11 & Fritz 12?

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Michael Diosi
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Re: Anti-ChessBase Trolls - thanks for the free advertising!

Post by Michael Diosi » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:40 am


No the bugs were there in previous versions as you can see from the screenshots. So the question I had are thy still there, nothing more nothing less. No missinformation.

Still waiting for your screenshots for the Arena bugs. None yet. Also those none were posted already at the Arena page for all prople to see.

We have nothing to hide. And it is free man. We don't sell BUGS with version 12 which were reported for version 6 and nothing changed.


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