CTF Survey - Finished. Results in final post.

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Re: CTF Survey

Post by Ovyron » Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:45 pm

1. CTF should continue as it is now.


4. Make it so that all the people that voted 2 on this thread can't see it anymore, as if it was closed - wouldn't that solve all problems? :roll: Or is it a case of "we can't allow something we dislike to exist even if it's enjoyed by some people"? Some people can't restrain themselves, nobody is being forced to look at CTF.

If you don't like it just don't go there, letting people hide it would serve the same purpose because for them it's as if it was closed, but for the rest of us it's not the same, just censorship led by tyranny of the majority.

Albert Silver
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Re: CTF Survey

Post by Albert Silver » Sun Oct 25, 2020 3:00 pm

hgm wrote:
Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:06 am
[Moderation] I have moved a posting by Albert Silver to the commentary "Unfair poll" thread, because it did not seem to qualify as a vote, and I thought if would be a waste if it would just disappear without a trace.

But to make sure there is no misjudgement here: The posting contained this sentence.
Albert Silver wrote:I don't support its removal, but understand those who do.
I am not sure whether this should be counted as a vote, and whether this than would be a 'Not-2' (and thus likely be invalid) or a 1.
Well, my problem with the hidden forum idea is that while I support it only being accessible to members since it was designed to only be a discussion area for members, I don't like the idea of it being outright invisible to non-members. I think prospective members should at least know the option exists should they decide to join. I.e. "what advantages to I get to join?" The answer is not clear if you think it only opens the door to 1-2 forums. My 2 cents. That said, given no such option I'd vote 3.
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Re: CTF Survey

Post by nabildanial » Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:43 am

2. close it down. one of the most toxic and cancerous part of the internet i've ever seen.

Peter Hegger
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Re: CTF Survey

Post by Peter Hegger » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:39 am

Shut it down.

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Harvey Williamson
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Re: CTF Survey

Post by Harvey Williamson » Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:51 pm

After filtering out a couple of very recent members and those who didn't express a clear opinion, we get the following totals:

Option 1, keep as is: 19
Option 2, shut it down: 37
Option 3, hide it: 3