The plea to new democstrocal elections in CTF gets sabotaged

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Re: The plea to new democstrocal elections in CTF gets sabotaged

Post by corres » Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:27 pm

I proposed a totally democratic system: On CTF we no need moderator but if somebody do not like or do not agree a text that people let right to ask the admin to delete the text. That is everybody can act as a moderator. Mclane so many "racist text" could make deleted what he want. Maybe the weather is rather "politically correct" subject to discuss, even for mclane and chrisw too, I think.

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Re: The plea to new democstrocal elections in CTF gets sabotaged

Post by Michel » Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:45 am

I do not understand why the CTF forum even exists. The content that is posted there has absolutely nothing to do with chess and with computer chess even less. There are plenty of alternative outlets for the kind of drivel that constitutes the main content of CTF (last time I looked the chief racist poster was spreading the theory that the US government is hiding UFOs).
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Re: The plea to new democstrocal elections in CTF gets sabotaged

Post by hgm » Mon Oct 19, 2020 9:28 am

Let me provide some explanation.

Yes, this thread logically belongs in "Forum Help and Suggestions". Initially we discussed moving it there. But virtually no one reads there, it would be as good as moderating it away entirely.

So we decided to allow it here, for the time being. Because I think this is really a matter for us all, or even principally for the computer-Chess members of this board.

I share Michel's opiniun that CTF should best be shut down immediately, as it has nothing to do with Chess, and the typical discussions that go on there can be conducted on zillions of othe websites that exist for that purpose. But others argue that in a small community of computer-chess afficionados it is good to have a place where one can discuss other important matters amongst frieds, rather than strangers.

Problem is that CTF is not that. It is now filled with strangers, often with no connection at all to computer chess, and the word 'friend' is unknown there. People there rabidly attack even those who try to help them furthering their cause. Virtually everyone here now shuns it, the material that is typically posted there is shameful. So it is a very relevant question whether we, as a computer-chess community, want to be associated with such filth.

It is now being proposed there to turn the governance of CTF from a democracy to an aristocracy. Moderator teams used to be democratically elected, in elections where everyone registered on TalkChess, be it active mainly in the CCC section or in CTF, could vote. But the plan is now to exclude most members from voting, and restrict such voting to a small group of frequent CTF posters. Which would exclude virtually everyone posting here in CCC.

This way, we face the threat of CTF becoming a uncontrollable cancer of this site. Therefore I say: excise the tumor when we still can. Save this site for (computer-)chess in all its beautiful forms, and kick out the racists, facists and communists who never touched a chess program in their lives. Demand your rights to vote for CTF moderation, and vote for a team that will shut it down! I opened a thread in CTF where you can do that, to stop the power grab of Thorsten (mclane) and others!

[Edit] As I think we have now seen enough about this here on CCC, I have split off what followed, and moved it to CTF. Those interested in the topic are now made aware of it, and can read (or comment on) it there. This thread is now locked.