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CCRL 40/15, 2m1s and FRC 40/2 lists updated (30-03-2024)

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2024 10:33 pm
by Graham Banks
The latest CCRL Rating Lists and Statistics (30th March) are available for viewing from the following links: (40/15 and 15m+10s) (BLITZ 2m+1s) (BLITZ 40/2 Archive) (FRC 40/2)

Our 40 moves in 15 minutes repeating (including 15 minutes with 10 second increments) and 2 minutes with 1 second increments are both adjusted to the Intel i7 4770k (3.5GHz) using the Stockfish 10 64-bit benchmark.
All of our current testing uses AVX2 compiles where available.

Be aware that in the early stages of testing, an engine's rating can often fluctuate a lot.

It is strongly advised to look at the many other rating lists available in order to get a more accurate overall picture of an engine's rating relative to others.

The inclusion or exclusion of engines in our lists should not be taken as our group making a statement about their legality or status. Where there is controversy, it is usually mentioned in the engine notes.

Thanks to:
- all of our currently active testers (Graham, Gabor, Sergio, Basti, Shaun and Jorge).
- Ray for the weekly updates.
- Jay Honnold for both the tournament viewer and for hosting Graham's live broadcasts.
- all engine authors.

40/15 and 15m+10s testing this week will include (with live broadcast given where applicable):

Live broadcasts of Gauntlets can be made available upon request.
(Web based viewer courtesy of Jay Honnold, with additions by Lana (Princhess), Jost Triller (Nalwald) and Finn Eggers (Koivisto).

107th Amateur Series Division 7 Tournament (finishing Thursday) Web based viewer
107th Amateur Series Division 8 Tournament (finishing Friday) Web based viewer
107th Amateur Series Division 9 Tournament (continuing) Web based viewer
107th Amateur Series Division 10 Tournament (starting Thursday) Web based viewer
107th Amateur Series Division 11 Tournament (starting Friday) Web based viewer

Torch v2 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet
Willow 4.0 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet
PlentyChess 0.3.0 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet
Peacekeeper 2.30 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet

Lizard 10.3 64-bit Gauntlet
Obsidian 11.0 64-bit Gauntlet
Hiarcs 15.3.1 64-bit Gauntlet
Torch v2 64-bit Gauntlet
Saturn 1.2 64-bit Gauntlet
Cadie 1.7 64-bit Gauntlet
Akimbo 1.0.0 64-bit Gauntlet
Mr Bob 1.3.0 64-bit Gauntlet
Cheng 4.47 64-bit Gauntlet
Oxidation 0.6.2 64-bit Gauntlet
Lynx 1.4.0 64-bit Gauntlet
Simbelmyne 1.4.0 64-bit Gauntlet
Belette 3.0.0 64-bit Gauntlet

2m+1s testing since the last update report has included (thanks to Gabor, Sergio, Jorge and Shaun):

Rice 8.0.0 64-bit
Torch v2 64-bit 8CPU
Torch v2 64-bit
Reckless 0.6.0 64-bit
Princhess 0.16.0 64-bit
Puffin 3.0 64-bit
Belette 2.0.0 64-bit
Black Marlin 9.0 64-bit 8CPU
Peacekeeper 2.30 64-bit 8CPU
Equisetum 1.0 64-bit
Zagreus 5.0 64-bit
OliThink 5.10.5 64-bit
Mr Bob 1.3.0 64-bit
Blocky 2.0.0 64-bit
LiFish 1.0 64-bit
Cheng 4.47 64-bit
Akimbo 1.0.0 64-bit

FRC 40/2 testing since the last update report has included (thanks to Basti):

Monty 0.1.0 (completed)
Akimbo 1.0.0 (completed)
Cheng 4.47 (in progress)