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Eelco de Groot
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Re: CCC Archives Search

Post by Eelco de Groot » Fri May 25, 2007 11:38 pm

Sean Mintz wrote:I'd like to know. I'd be happy to archive as much of CCC as possible.

Hello Sean!

Do you suppose it should be possible to make some "read only" archive of this site? At the moment we are still losing all the threads that are older than 90 days and sometimes even younger threads. We are going to move to a new provider with more diskspace available but would like to have the help of Tim Mirabile for the transition process. Unfortunately Tim does not work for ICD-Chess anymore.

If somebody here has good contacts with Tim Mirabile, maybe they could give him a call or send him a mail on behalf of all the CCC members, that we would very much appreciate his help?

Maybe Quentin Turner has managed to make some arrangements by now, I sent him another e-mail today, but so far Quentin has not announced anything in the Help and Suggestions forum where he would post if anything definite was going to happen, if Tim would have responded, but that was back in April.

It should already be possible to archive old messages on this new board instead of just deleting them as happens now, but I don't know enough of the specifics of phpBB or other web software to give much helpful advice to Quentin I'm afraid. It is rather a pity not much can be done at the moment, the move to a new server could be effected fairly soon, if there was just some specialist help, software tools and contacts with new provider are already in place and Tim Mirabile would probably only be needed for a day or so if all goes well, as far as I can judge that at least, I'm not the webmaster in charge!

Regards, Eelco

Sean Mintz
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Re: CCC Archives Search

Post by Sean Mintz » Sat May 26, 2007 4:11 am

If someone gives me a database of the messages, I will do my best to add it to my CCC Archives. I would love to keep the archives as up to date and complete as possible.


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