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Next GM match

Post by lkaufman »

The next Komodo vs. GM handicap match is scheduled for Oct. 20, 21, and 22 vs. reigning World Open Champion GM Alex Lenderman (FIDE 2623). The time limit (45' + 15") and handicaps (four games f7, two at rook a1 for knight b8 with rook moved to b8) will be the same as in the match with Sergei Movsesian. Although Lenderman is about 35 elo lower rated than Movsesian, there are several reasons to expect him to do better than Movsesian did (he scored three draws and three losses).
1. He is still climbing at age 26.
2. He will play just two games a day over three days; Movsesian played them all in two days.
3. He will take a four hour break between games.
4. He has the advantage of being able to study the Movsesian games.
5. He already practices by playing engines at the f7 handicap in fast games (12' or so). Although he says he doesn't do well at that speed, he thinks he can do much better at 45' + 15".
6. Movsesian generally lost most or all of the positional component of the f7 handicap advantage by move ten or so, just keeping the extra pawn. I expect Lenderman will achieve larger advantages out of the opening.

Of course Komodo will be a few elo stronger than when the Movsesian match was played, but that is minor compared to the above.

So I expect a very competitive match. Hopefully we'll learn some things that will help us in the big match Nov.3 and 4 against World number 2, Hikaru Nakamura. These matches help us to improve Komodo; we probably picked up 3 or 4 elo from a change inspired by the Meyer knight-odds match.
Komodo rules!
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Re: Next GM match

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Nice =)
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Re: Next GM match

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Look forward to the next match :)