New Forum - Known Issues

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New Forum - Known Issues

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Not fixable:

* some new pms are lost (since 26.02.24 to 29.02.24)
* some profile data changes are lost (since 26.02.24 to 29.02.24)
* some new file attachments are lost (since 26.02.24 to 29.02.24)

Solvable by user:

* no login possible, error: The submitted form was invalid:
solvable by deleting old cookies in browser

How to Clear Browser Cookies for a Specific Website ... dns-cache/

* directs to old server:
solvable by restarting browser and deleting DNS cache

How to Clear the DNS Cache in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera ... dns-cache/

How to Flush DNS on Windows 10 ... indows-10/

* new forum style does not please:
solvable by switching from new Absolution v3 style to old ProSilver in user control panel:

User Control Panel -> Board preferences -> Edit global settings -> My board style: Absolution | prosilver