Computer Chess Programming from the Ground up

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Computer Chess Programming from the Ground up

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This is an initiative from Discord and Talkchess programmers to produce a document which is intended to be a guide for starters, advanced and expert chess programmers including the latest technologies in programming and testing.

We will start with the starter section and when finished it will be published here.

In the hope it will be useful.
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Re: Challenge to the DISCORD invaders

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SPSA is hardly difficult, it’s also explained both on the wiki and in “Stockfish tuning method” in the wiki.
I used it in 2003 without knowing what it was called, without any knowledge of it, working out the idea from basic principles. Backgammon engine using neural net, I didn’t know how to do back propagation at the time, so generated a net from random weights given random perturbations, playing fast game batches and keeping a fraction of the perturbation of the winning weights. Worked well enough.
Some things are kind of obvious and people independently think them up. “Modern chess programmers” hardly have to think of anything because all wheels are already invented and perfected.
My 10 Elo came from SPSA on the five piece type values (used in various places in search), they were already “tuned” from years ago, so the 10 Elo was basically from an SPSA fine tune.