Stockfish 16.1 on AMD Ryzen7 8840HS

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Stockfish 16.1 on AMD Ryzen7 8840HS

Post by Lion »

Hello all,

I am looking for a new laptop that has long battery life, is slim & light such as the ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED UM3406HA.
This specific laptop uses and AMD Ryzen7 8840HS. Is there Stockfish 16.1 benchmark that includes this specific CPU to have an approximation of how many Kn/s I will achieve with such a configuration?

Thanks & regards,
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Re: Stockfish 16.1 on AMD Ryzen7 8840HS

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There is the Ipman Chess Stockfish 14.1 benchmark list: ... ckfish.php

The AMD 5800H is listed as:

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15.736.988	AMD Ryzen 7 5800H	16thrreads	avx2	pedrox	W10
You can expect up to ~10% IPC (instructions per clock) increase of Zen 4 over Zen 3 architecture: ... ips-coming

and the concrete NPS will depend on Turbo Boost, which will depend on cooling/power envelope:

5800H base: 3.2 turbo: 4.4
8840HS base: 3.3 turbo: 5.1 ... processors

Idk how Stockfish 16.1 relates to 14.1 in regard of NPS, both use neural networks.

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Re: Stockfish 16.1 on AMD Ryzen7 8840HS

Post by Jouni »

But note my bechmark results (6 core):

SF14.1 13,1 Mnps
SF16.1 6,8 Mnps