Need a little advice on PDA

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Need a little advice on PDA

Post by Larry »

Hi all, I was just now looking at the following item on ebay: ... dZViewItem

Can anyone here tell me if this thing can play chess programs, eg,
Genius, Hiarcs, Chessmaster etc? If not, could anyone please guide
me as to what sort of PDA (if that's what the're called) I should buy
in the way of handhelds to play chess.
thanks in advance
PS this item goes off in a little over a day from now.
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Re: Need a little advice on PDA

Post by mclane »

you would need a PALM.

Re: Need a little advice on PDA

Post by Alainza »


this kind of Pocket PC can (at least) play :
1) Chessgenius
2) Pocket Friz
3) Pocket Grandmaster
4) CEBoard

And even Hiarcs with a Palm emulator (I read that a real Pocket PC version is in preparation but don't have an idea about the release date)

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