DGT Board Bluetooth Convertor Kit

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DGT Board Bluetooth Convertor Kit

Post by MikeB »

I could build a kit to convert a DGT board to bluetooth, but it would cost just under $200. I'm not sure if it's worth it ( well I would do it , but at $200 my wife would blow a casket.)

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Re: DGT Board Bluetooth Convertor Kit

Post by Cubeman »

Sounds like a good idea.I am thinking about purchashing a DGT board and would want to use it with my iPaq pocketPC which has Bluetooth installed.That way I could play PocketGrandMaster and have voice announcements.Also the ease of using Bluetooth compared to wires makes this so attractive.

Re: DGT Board Bluetooth Convertor Kit

Post by Alainza »

Hi Mike,

the only thing I can say is "don't buy an air2u bcr01 bluetooth serial adapter" :

1) it is unable to initialize the DGT board even if it can communicate with it after the board has been initialized to a PC.
This is a recurrent problem with the DGT Board : several Pocket PCs I have tried to connect to the board were unable to initialize it with their serial interface. It does not come from a CEBoard's bug as PGM exhibits the same problem. You have to initialize the DGT board with a PC and then, the Pocket PC is able to communicate with the DGT Board.

2) the Air2U Adapter does not understand speed configuration commands. In order to change the baud rate of its serial part, you have to shutdown all bluetooth devices, connect it with the serial link to a PC and use a specific software. If you only use the adapter to connect to one specific device, this is not a problem, but if you want to connect it to devices with different speeds (UCB = 9600 bauds, DGT = 57600 (I think), Star Diamond=57600, etc...) then this is really boring.

Hope this helps,
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