SPCC: Testrun of Arasan 24.2.1 finished

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SPCC: Testrun of Arasan 24.2.1 finished

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My UHO-Top15 Ratinglist is the world's first engine-ratinglist, using UHO-openings, and the world's first ratinglist offering additionally Gamepair-statistics.

Ratinglist-testrun of Arasan 24.2.1 finished.
Arasan is not strong enough for my UHO-Top15 Ratinglist, so the result can be found only in my full UHO Ratinglist (scroll down, to see the full EAS-Ratinglist)
The EAS-Scoring of Arasan 24.2.1 is interesting: Arasan plays a lot of sacrifices (23.48% (this is better than Stockfish 16.1 (!!!)), but on the other hand, the number of short wins is bad and the overall length of all won games is bad, too. So, overall, the EAS-Scoring of Arasan 24.2.1 is good (120762 EAS-points), but not overwhelming. But:
If later versions of Arasan will play more directly towards faster wins (= more short wins and shorter length of all won games) without playing less sacrifces, Arasan could get a very high EAS-Score...



Also take a look at the EAS-Ratinglist, the world's first engine-ratinglist not measuring strength of engines but engines's style of play:

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