Programming chess us the deal here

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Programming chess us the deal here

Post by chrisw »

This forum should be on top of the list, with the general forum taking its role as general blather between end users of lower priority.
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Re: Programming chess us the deal here

Post by jefk »

lol, besides programmers, and (and these (not always so dumb) ('end') users, there also
exist such roles as information analysts , and so on; but then i'm a bit old fashioned maybe.

And in commercial projects- also are such people as project leaders or managers,
coordinating the whole process(es), from ideas, user requests to system design.
programmers going wild - usually with socalled prototyping- often end up with systems
which are not really geared to user-friendliness (to be polite). Whereby ''users''
-a least old school - sometimes seem to regard programming experts as programming
'slaves''. in computer chess, programmers usually seem to be quite independent (if
not stubborn), except when working for Chessbase or so I guess but in business general
(e.g. financial software or maybe gaming as well) less so.

Concluding, if this forum is mainly about computer chess (and not chess itself as the title
suggests) there are various sorts of 'users', some more knowledgeable than others about
IT, and some better in chess itself; or not.

PS so I already have a few user requests for -at least some- guys here if they have
nothing to do (and haven't followed the general part of the forum):
- add the Kaufman anti-draw rules in the normal chess variant in Fairy-Stockfish
or another SF clone; and do some testing-tuning with eg. Cutechess (or Banksia
maybe) to avoid draws; for a new -and important- Anti Draw Chess variant.
- also add w/d/l eval instead of just pawn scores in most top engines
- show the w/d/l evals in most Chess GUI's in the vertical bar,
- see the todo.txt in my latest release of the awesome Chess Gambiteer package
- have fun (more to come maybe) :)