GM Caruana beat Stockfish Best Suggestion.............

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GM Caruana beat Stockfish Best Suggestion.............

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IM Anna asked Caruana what he would do if Stockfish take the white pieces against him with the last game that he played vs GM Hikaru Nakamura, and GM Caruana simply outmanuever Stockfish suggestion and beat it easy. Watch at the very end of GM Caurauna interview. These top GMs playing endgame when there is a slight advantage do NOT easy get beating by any top engine. Please Watch this video. Please point the video at -17.00 and be amaze with how Top GM can easy beat Stockfish when their position is slightly better ==>
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Re: GM Caruana beat Stockfish Best Suggestion.............

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well i don't think that's correct, they were talking about a (with engine) home prepared
line,a rather new line in the NimzoIndian, apparently Caruana had forgotten details
of the line and played an inferior move, dxe6; the interview -and what he says-
isn't so clear i admit, but nevertheless. These engines (eg. latest SF) don't get such high
ratings for nothing you know (yes we had times that engines had rating inflation
in blitz eg. on ICC, but nowadays Caruana around 2800, SF around 3500 long time controls,
who do you think would win; and SF with long time controls then wouldn't need a book.