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Frans Morsch UCI

Post by synthese »

are there any Frans Morsch UCI engines (maybe early Fritz), that I can import to my GUI?

Thx for any help.

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Re: Frans Morsch UCI

Post by Rowen »

Could be wrong but I have never seen an old fritz UCI engine version . I have fritz 5.32 and most versions up to 14 and they are all Chessbase format.
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Re: Frans Morsch UCI

Post by Werewolf »

Conspiracy theory: the last Morsch engine was Fritz 10.1
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Re: Frans Morsch UCI

Post by Tibono »

current Fritz 19 is delivered with (in addition to Schneider's Gingko) Fritz 13SE (stands for Second Edition, I guess). Credit goes to F. Morsch.
Then Fritz 14 was a Horvath program (Pandix).