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I guess one could 'build their own' according to the last comment.
In part:

The robotic platform developed by the researchers includes both hardware and software components. The robot's hardware includes a Franka Emika Panda robotic arm with 7 degrees of freedom, a Franka robotic hand, a customized 3D-printed robotic gripper, a ZED2 StereoLabs camera, a keyboard, an external microphone and speaker connected to a computer, an NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer and a PC.

The robot also has several underlying software components, including a perception, an analysis and evaluation, a motion planning and execution and an interaction module. The perception module analyzes images of the chess board captured by the ZED2 camera and translates them into text descriptions.

Subsequently, the analysis and evaluation module feeds this text descriptions to a chess engine, to derive predicted moves and their corresponding scores. The motion planning and execution module then uses a predicted move to plan and execute the robot's chess moves.

Finally, the interaction module allows the robot to communicate with the human players they are competing against. To generate responses to a user's questions, this module relies on the API of OpenAI's conversational platform ChatGPT.

"OpenChessRobot recognizes chess pieces using computer vision, executes moves, and interacts with the human player using voice and robotic gestures," the researchers wrote in their paper. "We detail the software design, provide quantitative evaluations of the robot's efficacy and offer a guide for its reproducibility."
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Note the red kill switch :) meanwhile mandatory in some countries for super AI ;)